Paddle provides a complete payments, tax, and subscriptions solution for SaaS businesses. This article will explain how to integrate Rewardful with your Paddle checkout system.

Setup overview

  1. Sign up for a Rewardful account at

  2. After confirming your email address you'll be prompted to choose a payment processor. Choose Paddle.

  3. Copy and paste your Paddle public key into Rewardful. You can find your public key in the Paddle admin dashboard under Developer Tools → Public Key.

  4. After configuring your Rewardful settings and campaign, you'll need to add Rewardful to your website & Paddle checkout. Your Rewardful dashboard will display detailed steps, but at a high-level you'll need to:

    1. Configure Paddle to send Webhook Alerts to Rewardful

    2. Install Rewardful's JavaScript Snippet

    3. Pass the Rewardful referral ID to Paddle

Current limitations

Rewardful's Paddle integration doesn't yet support the following features, but we're working hard to add them 🙂

If you have any questions about using Rewardful with Paddle, please email

⚠️ Paddle is an alternative to Stripe. It's not possible to use Stripe and Paddle with Rewardful at the same time.

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