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How does Rewardful use my Paddle account?
How does Rewardful use my Paddle account?
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Note: Paddle recently launched its second-generation solution for billing and revenue management - Paddle Billing. This new product is largely separate from the older version, the now renamed Paddle Classic.

At present, Rewardful supports integration only with Paddle Classic, not Paddle Billing.

How does Rewardful use my Paddle account?

Rewardful's deep integration with Paddle allows for a quick and seamless setup. Here's a quick overview of how Rewardful uses your Paddle account.

After you complete integrating Rewardful with Paddle, Paddle notifies us when relevant events occur in your Paddle account. For example, when a customer subscribes or makes a payment. These notifications are securely sent to Rewardful via Paddle's Webhooks functionality.

At present, all of Rewardful's integration involves reading webhook data coming from your Paddle account.


When a new subscription is created in Paddle, Rewardful receives a notification of the event via a webhook request which we then check to see if that customer was referred by one of your affiliates. Specifically, new subscriptions from referred customers should include a referral attribute in the event’s passthrough parameters.

If the referral attribute is present (and valid), we record that customer as a lead in our database and store some basic information (customer name and email, Paddle checkout and order identifiers) so that we can display these details to you in the Rewardful dashboard.


Paddle also sends Rewardful a webhook notification whenever a payment succeeds. Upon receipt, we check to see if the customer making the payment is a referred customer by looking for the same referral attribute described above.

If it is and is valid, we record a sale in the amount actually paid by the customer (ex: final amount charged to their credit card, after any discounts or account balance debits are applied) and generate a commission for the referring affiliate.


Paddle sends Rewardful a webhook request whenever a payment is fully or partially refunded. If the sale referenced is associated with a referred customer, we recalculate both the sale and commission so that they reflect the updated charge.


Hopefully that gives you a good overview of how Rewardful uses your Paddle account data. We understand the responsibility that comes with sharing your Paddle data with us, which is why we take great care in reading as little data as possible while keeping Rewardful functional.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Paddle integration or how we use your data, please chat with us or drop us a line at

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