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Dealing with suspicious affiliates
Dealing with suspicious affiliates
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Dealing with fraud or suspicious affiliates is something all affiliate programs (not just those running on Rewardful) have to deal with at some point. If you suspect an affiliate is violating your terms of service or is behaving in any form of dishonest behavior, we encourage you to suspend their account and contact Rewardful. From time to time Rewardful may detect suspicious behavior and automatically suspend affiliates.

Suspicious affiliates are subject to the same limitations as disabled affiliates: referrals, sales, and commissions are no longer tracked. Suspicious affiliates will be indicated in your dashboard:

How to mark an affiliate as suspicious

  1. Click the "Edit profile" link on the affiliate's page in your Rewardful dashboard

  2. Choose "Suspicious" from the dropdown labelled "State"

  3. Click the "Update Affiliate" button

You'll now see a banner indicating that the affiliate is suspicious on their profile page and anywhere else the affiliate is listed in your Rewardful account.

To reactivate an affiliate, follow the same steps as above but choose "Active" from the "State" dropdown.

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