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How to disable affiliate accounts
How to disable affiliate accounts
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Disabling affiliate accounts allows you to prevent affiliates from earning new commissions without having to completely delete their account.

When you disable an affiliate's account:

  • The can no longer sign into their affiliate dashboard

  • Their links will no longer track new visitors

  • Existing visitors will not become leads

  • Existing leads will not become conversions

  • Future payments made by existing conversions will not be tracked

  • New commissions cannot be earned

  • The affiliate will not be able to sign up again using the same email address

How to disable an affiliate

  1. Click the "Edit profile" link on the affiliate's page in your Rewardful dashboard

  2. Choose "Disabled" from the dropdown labelled "State"

  3. Click the "Update Affiliate" button

  4. You'll now see a banner indicating that the affiliate is disabled on their profile page and anywhere else the affiliate is listed in your Rewardful account.

Deleting unpaid commissions for a disabled affiliate

You'll usually want to delete all unpaid (due and pending) commissions after you disable an affiliate. To do this, click the "Delete all unpaid commissions" button from the affiliate page in your Rewardful dashboard.

Note: this button is only displayed if the affiliate has unpaid commissions. The button will disappear after you delete the unpaid commissions.

How to reactivate a disabled affiliate

From the affiliate's profile page in your Rewardful dashboard, click the "Edit profile" link and change the "State" field to "Active". Doing this will allow the affiliate to once again log into their dashboard, track visits/leads/conversions, and earn new commissions.

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