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Can affiliates see customer details?
Can affiliates see customer details?
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By default Rewardful does not display customer names, email addresses, or other identifiable attributes to affiliates. Affiliates will see an anonymous, unique identifier in place of any customer details. This allows affiliates to link associated commissions while also protecting private customer data.

However, merchants on our Growth can selectively choose to display customer details to affiliates on a per-campaign basis.

For example, you might choose to allow affiliates within an exclusive "Partner Program" to view customer names, while keeping customer names hidden from affiliates who sign up for a public affiliate program.

To allow affiliates within a campaign to see customer names:

  1. Go to the Campaigns page in your Rewardful dashboard and click into the campaign you'd like to update.

  2. Click the "Edit campaign" link

  3. In the bottom-right corner of the page, click "Toggle advanced settings"

  4. Toggle the switch labelled "Allow affiliates to see customer names"

  5. Click the "Update campaign" button

Note: Rewardful never displays customer email addresses to affiliates.

Keep in mind the privacy of your customers if you choose to enable this option. Our recommendation is to keep customer names private whenever possible. You must also take into consideration any legal obligations regarding private customer data, and update your terms of service accordingly for both your website/application and your affiliate program.

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