Rewardful will email you on the 1st of the month if you have commissions due and it's time to pay your affiliates. The email will include a link to your Rewardful dashboard with a summary of how much you owe each affiliate.

Rewardful does not process commission payments on your behalf. You can choose to pay the commissions however you like, but most of our customers choose to use PayPal or Wise (formerly TransferWise).

Choosing a payout method

The Company settings page allows you to choose from the following payout methods:

  • PayPal

  • Wise (beta)

  • None

When you select PayPal or Wise, affiliates will be prompted to provide their preferred email address for receiving payments. Affiliates are not prompted for any additional payment details when None is selected.

This setting also determines the format of the due commissions CSV file that can be exported from your Rewardful dashboard. When you choose PayPal or Wise, the CSV file will be formatted to allow payments through PayPal Mass pay or Wise Batch Payments. When None is chosen the CSV file will be exported in a generic format.

Additional details for paying with PayPal and Wise appear at the end of this article.

Paying commissions

Rewardful will email you on the 1st of the month if you have due commissions, and will also display an indicator beside the Commissions menu item:

Clicking the Commissions menu item will display an overview of all your commissions, filterable by state. You'll also see a message notifying you of the due commissions with a button to view more details:

You'll be taken to the Pay due commissions page, which lists affiliates and the amount owing to each. You'll also see a button to export these amounts as a CSV formatted according to your payout settings (PayPal, Wise, or generic) and a "Mark as paid" button:

After uploading the CSV file to PayPal or Wise (or paying via another method), click the "Mark as paid" button. You can also pay affiliates individually and then mark only that affiliate as paid:

PayPal Mass Pay

After you've downloaded the CSV file as described above, from your PayPal dashboard go to Tools → Send Money → Make a mass payment and upload the CSV file when prompted. After confirming and submitting the payment in PayPal, click the "Mark as paid" button in Rewardful

Note: To reduce fraud, PayPal may require you to phone them to enable the mass pay feature on your PayPal account. PayPal fees apply.

Learn more about PayPal Mass Pay →

Wise Batch Payments

After you've downloaded the CSV file as described above, from your Wise dashboard click Send money → Batch payments and upload the CSV file when prompted. You'll have an opportunity to review the payments and choose a funding source before submitting the payments.

When claiming the payment, your affiliates will be prompted to create a Wise account and provide bank account details for where they'd like the funds deposited. (Tip: if they use their Wise bank details, future payments to the recipient will be instant and free).

Note: support for Wise Batch Payments is beta functionality. We'd love to hear your feedback! Send us a chat message or email

Learn more about Wise Batch Payments →

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