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Integration for Stripe API Endpoint Users
Integration for Stripe API Endpoint Users

Stripe API endpoint integration

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Stripe allows you to create Stripe customer records (or known as Stripe customer object) separately even if the customers have not yet added their payment information. Usually, this is implemented by your developers.

If your developers used this method, this is how you will be integrating Rewardful via the use of the Stripe API endpoint to create customers or update customer records:

  1. Install the STEP 1 script ( on all pages in your root domain and subdomain pages. IGNORE STEP 2.

  2. In the checkout, your team should retrieve the referral ID generated by the tracking script if it detects that a visit is via an affiliate link. Retrieve it by using the method of our tracking script, Rewardful.referral:

  3. The value of Rewardful.referral should be assigned as metadata of the Stripe customer record. It should be assigned to the key referral.

Once you're done, do the following:

  1. Click the Ok I've completed this button.

  2. Then try opening the link that has a ?via=install in an incognito window that has no adblocker extensions. Let your site fully load.

  3. Then go back to your Rewardful dashboard and refresh the page. If the tracking script is loading correctly, your setup will confirm.

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