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Bypassing Adblockers
Bypassing Adblockers

Bypass adblockers by activating a custom domain

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Adblockers are known to prevent third-party scripts from running even if the script is for a legitimate purpose on your site.

The Rewardful tracking script is classified by some adblockers as a third-party script since the script source is served by a server that does not match your site's domain.

To bypass this, we recommend activating a custom domain for your affiliates' portal so that we can sideload the script into your own custom domain which in turn may be detected by some adblockers as a first-party script and would be allowed to load.

How it works

The default rewardful script looks like this:

<script async src=''src='' data-rewardful='YOUR-API-KEY'></script>

Notice the attribute src=''. This means that the script source is coming from our servers.

If you activate a custom domain, we automatically sideload the Rewardful tracking script into your custom domain and you would have to update your tracking script to look like this:

<script async src='' data-rewardful='YOUR-API-KEY'></script>

The attribute is now src='' which means that the Rewardful tracking script is using your root domain as the source of the script. Adblockers that block third-party scripts by looking into the script source will detect that it matches the root domain of the site that the customer is visiting, allowing the tracking script to load.

How to activate a custom domain

If your subscription is Growth plan or higher, create a CNAME record and contact support to activate your custom domain.

If your plan is Starter, please contact support to have your subscription changed to Growth plan and higher.

Once your custom domain is activated, you need to edit the Rewardful tracking script you placed in your marketing pages and platform pages. Replace the attribute src="" with your custom domain. Then add the /rw.js at the end of the URL. Make sure you the entire URL is inside a double quote ""


There are numerous adblockers out there and the above may or may not work. We have already contacted some adblockers to have our servers whitelisted. But if the above does not work, we cannot provide further support on how to bypass specific adblockers.

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