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Integration with Stripe Payment Links embedded in Webflow/Squarespace Sites
Integration with Stripe Payment Links embedded in Webflow/Squarespace Sites

Integrate Rewardful using Stripe Payment Links that are embedded on sites built with Webflow or Squarespace

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Integrating Rewardful is a quick way to set up affiliate and referral programs for your landing pages. We automatically track referred Visitors, Leads, and Conversions from your affiliates, customers, influencers, and/or partners. Commissions are automatically adjusted for any billing event changes such as downgrades, upgrades, free trials, cancellations, and refunds.

Each person that signs up for your program will receive a personalized dashboard where they can create and manage their affiliate links, stats, and track their success.

To set up the integration:

Note: For users using Google Tag Manager in their WordPress site, grab this version of the STEP 1 script.

  • Paste the STEP 1 script in section where you're allowed to add custom head codes or if you're using a third-party plugin for handling custom head codes, paste it into that section.

  • Copy the code below and paste it right below where you added the STEP 1 script:

<script src=""></script>
  • For this step, reach out to Rewardful support to ask for the last set of codes. Provide them the page URL where the Stripe Payment Links are embedded

  • Once you have the final set of codes from Rewardful, go to the page where the Stripe Payment Links are located.

  • Create a custom HTML block after the section where the Stripe Payment Links are or create a custom HTML block at the bottom of the page.

  • Go back to your Rewardful dashboard, click the Ok I've completed this button. (IGNORE STEP 2)

  • On the next set of instructions, open the link that has a ?via=install on an incognito window or private browser, let your site fully load.

  • Go back to your Rewardful dashboard and refresh the page. If the STEP 1 tracking script is correctly placed it will confirm your Rewardful initial dashboard setup.

  • If there's no confirmation, please chat with us or email us so that we'll check things for you.

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