Choosing a display currency
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Rewardful allows you to configure your display currency during the setup process. This setting controls the currency that Rewardful will use for displaying reports on your dashboard and amounts owed to affiliates.

This is especially useful for merchants who charge their customers in several different currencies, or merchants who charge their customers in a currency that's different from their own currency. For example, a merchant from Germany may charge their customers in USD but wants all financial reporting to be denominated in EUR.

Choosing a display currency allows Rewardful to automatically convert all transactions to that currency. Individual transactions will still appear in their original (or "settlement" currency). For example, if your display currency is EUR but a referred customer was charged $100 USD, you'll see the $100 USD sale in Rewardful so that it's easy to reconcile that particular transaction with your payment processor. But when calculating the total revenue your affiliate program has earned, that $100 USD will be converted to EUR.

Note: It's not possible to change your display currency once the setup process has been completed. Please contact our support team if you need to change your display currency.

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