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How to deactivate a referral
How to deactivate a referral
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Deactivating a referral allows you stop generating commissions for the affiliate while keeping past commission history intact. Your Rewardful dashboard will still display all the sales and commissions related to the referral, but future payments made by the referred customer will not result in a commission for the affiliate.

To deactivate a referral from your Rewardful dashboard:

  1. Locate the referral you want to deactivate

  2. Click the "Deactivate..." button in the top-right of the screen

  3. Click the "Yes, deactivate" button in the confirmation popup

Now the affiliate will no longer earn commissions from this referral.

You can also reactivate a deactivated referral, which means future payments made by the referred customer will once again generate commissions for the affiliate.

Tip: you can delete a referral if you want to permanently erase all sale and commission history, as well as prevent future commissions.

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