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Personalize the affiliate portal
Personalize the affiliate portal
Use liquid variables to personalize the affiliate portal
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Liquid variables are now available in your affiliate dashboard text section. This means you can now personalize the custom text you write for the affiliate dashboard using variables.

How to add your personalized custom text:

  1. Click on the Campaign name

  2. Edit campaign

  3. Show advanced settings

  4. Add your custom text to the Affiliate dashboard text section

  5. Add liquid variables to personalize, as desired

Available liquid variables

  • {{affiliate.first_name}}

  • {{affiliate.last_name}}

  • {{affiliate.full_name}}

  • {{}}

  • {{affiliate.paypal_email}}

  • {{affiliate.campaign_name}}

  • {{default_url}} (full campaign URL with ?via param)

  • {{affiliate.default_token}} (just the token part, i.e. justin)

  • {{portal_url}} (affiliate dashboard URL,

Example text

How it appears in the affiliate portal

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