The Affiliate Finder crawls the web to find relevant affiliates based on your query. Unlike marketplaces, which are just a database of often poorly vetted affiliates that aren't very relevant to your business, the Affiliate Finder aims to help surface affiliates based on keywords you enter.

As a general rule, more specific queries will give you more relevant results. However, in some niches affiliate marketing is newer, and therefore, it's more challenging to find existing affiliates.

The Affiliate Finder tries to find affiliates on the web that are using the keywords you entered. It essentially detects if they are using affiliate links on their site. It won't find every potential person that could be an affiliate.

Running your initial search:

We recommend to start by running the following searches:

  • enter relevant keywords (ie. what you'd want to rank for in Google)

  • each competitor, alternative and complimentary company you can think of (especially the larger ones)

  • brands that share the same target audience

  • your own brand name

If you're able to generate relevant results using this approach, focus on these affiliates first. If you're not getting any relevant results, try zooming out.

Refinement approach 1: Zooming out

If you're not getting results, we recommend to begin broadening your search.

Example 1:

[brand name] < Rank checker, AB Testing SEO tools, Backlink checker < SEO Tools < how to get more traffic < marketing tools

Example 2:

[brand name] < Residential elevator advertising, elevator advertising, Digital Out of Home advertising, Out of Home advertising, advertising, marketing

Make a list zooming out to broader industry terms and test entering them into the Affiliate Finder.

Refinement approach 2: Appending

If you're getting results for your keywords, but they aren't relevant, we recommend appending specific keywords to narrow the results.

If you’re a software company, try appending:

  • tools (ie. "SEO tools")

  • software (ie. "SEO software")

If you’re in other industries, try relevant appending:

  • Courses

  • Communities

  • Community

  • Membership

  • Education

  • Etc

Also try appending:

  • reviews (ie. SEO tool reviews, social media tool reviews)

  • comparison

Refinement approach 3: search operators

The Affiliate Finder supports some basic search operators to refine your query.

  • wrap your queries in quotes "" for exact match (ie. "wordpress themes")

  • OR (ie. wordpress OR themes)

  • AND (ie. wordpress AND themes)

  • excluding a term or phrase (themes -wordpress)

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