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Depending on your timeline and which type of affiliate or referral program you want to build, it’s often beneficial to create some assets and “swipe copy” to reduce the creative friction for your affiliates. These are things like:

  • Pre-written snippets to share via email to friends, colleagues, etc.

  • Pre-written tweets/posts

  • Images for social media posts

  • Banners for partner websites

It’s important to keep your affiliates engaged so your company and affiliate or referral program remains top of mind. Make it as easy as possible for them to promote you. Some additional ideas include:

  • Provide them with links to your brand assets

  • Provide them with any external product screenshots you use for marketing (ie.

  • Provide them with links to your top ebooks, whitepapers, free lead gen tools, etc.

  • Pre-write example email templates and tweets to explain your offering.

  • Keep them in the loop on new features, enhancements, new product launches, etc.

  • Ask them to subscribe to your blog so they can share new posts with their network.

Depending on the context and channels they’ll be promoting you on, it’s often easier for them to increase their promotion if they have a variety of content –– including content that’s not purely transactional but will help their audience discover your site and offering.

An alternative to posting these on a landing page is to add them to a Google Drive or Dropbox folder that you share with your affiliates using our email integrations or adding a link to the affiliate dashboard.

Note: we’ll build this into Rewardful in the future, but the above approaches are great solutions in the interim.

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