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Seed ideas for your affiliates
Seed ideas for your affiliates
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Ensure your affiliates don't suffer from a creative block by seeding potential ways they can promote you.

One of our customers, Podia, does a great job of this by suggesting 7 ideas for promoting your referral link (full article here):

  1. Write a blog post

  2. Send a newsletter

  3. Film a video

  4. Record a podcast

  5. Host a giveaway

  6. Add the referral link to your website

  7. Webinar partnership

There's obviously many more ways affiliates can promote you. Look at the types of content and channels that work best in your industry and for your target audience.

Pro tip: It's often helpful if you pre-write examples (ie. swipe copy) to reduce friction and make it as easy as possible for them to promote you.

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