Listen for events on your Rewardful account so your integration can automatically trigger reactions.

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Rewardful uses webhooks to notify your application when an event happens in your account. Webhooks are particularly useful for asynchronous events like when an affiliate joins your program, a new referred customer signs up, or a commission is created.

To use webhooks, first create an endpoint. And endpoint is a URL that points to your application (or a tool like Zapier) that knows how to handle Rewardful events.

Create an endpoint

To add an endpoint to your account, go to the New Endpoint page in your Rewardful dashboard. The URL must use SSL (start with https ) and should point to your application or to a tool like Zapier.

If you want to receive notifications to your own application, please see our developer documentation for webhooks which describe the event and data types.

To use Zapier, you need to create a "Catch Webhook" zap that knows how to parse Rewardful events. For an example, see our How to connect Rewardful to Zapier screencast.

Testing events

We'll start sending events to your endpoint as soon as you add it. You can see a list of all the events being sent to the endpoint by clicking on the event count column. Clicking on the Event ID in the table below will display details for that event and allow you to resend the event to your endpoint.

While testing your endpoint, you can click the "Retry now" button to send the event to your application or Zapier zap:

Click the "Details" links beside the Request and/or Response to see the data that was sent to or received from your endpoint.


Webhooks are a powerful tool that allow you to build custom functionality on top of Rewardful. If you have any questions/feedback or need help setting up webhooks, please drop us a line via chat or by emailing hello@getrewardful.com.

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