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What is campaign syncing and how do I set it up?
What is campaign syncing and how do I set it up?
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Rewardful supports integrations with several different platforms which allow you to synchronize new affiliate registrations to selected marketing automation and communication tools including:

All of these platforms offers a way of organizing subscribers using tags, groups, or some other system for audience segmentation, and on that basis, you can use the automated workflow features that each system offers to deliver content targeted to specific collections of users.

For each of these tools, you can specify to which group each new subscriber should be assigned on the basis of the affiliate's registered campaign. This article explains how to set up campaign-specific groups and how Rewardful determines the group that will be applied for each new affiliate.

How does Rewardful segment new affiliates?

When a new affiliate registers for one of your campaigns, Rewardful checks to see whether you have any active integrations set up. For each one that's enabled, we first check to see whether there's a tag or group associated with the affiliate's registered campaign and request that the new subscriber be added to that.

If there's no campaign-specific grouping defined, Rewardful will then check to see whether there's a default grouping specified.  (This is currently in the top section of the forms for all integrations.)  If so, the new subscriber will be added to that grouping, and if not, the new subscriber will be added with no grouping specified.  It's as simple as that.

Setting up campaign-specific segmentation

The forms used for setting up and managing integrations for each of the supported platforms follow a common layout.  So while the example screenshot below shows the form for a ConvertKit integration, the same basic information should be provided in each case.

You should see text fields for all current campaigns in the lower section of the form (blue frames) where you can specify the grouping that should be applied for each.  Please keep in mind that, while a new field will be added to the form whenever you create a new campaign, the grouping identifier will be empty, so you'll need to return to the form for your integration to update the values in case you require specific behavior.  The red rectangle above highlights the default grouping where no campaign-specific grouping is defined.

We're here to answer any questions about how this all works. Just drop us an email at or start a chat by clicking the icon at the bottom of this page.

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