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ConvertKit is email marketing software designed and built for creators. With tools for managing subscribers and customizing communications with them, ConvertKit can be a useful tool for keeping in touch with your affiliates.

You can automatically mirror newly registered affiliates as ConvertKit subscribers with just a few minutes work. To get started, you'll need to click the "Integrations" link in the dropdown menu of your Rewardful dashboard, or just go directly to

You should see a list of the integrations that Rewardful currently supports. Find the integration for ConvertKit, and click the "Connect" button to add your connection details.

Rewardful needs two pieces of information to make the connection with ConvertKit: your API Secret and a default Tag ID.

Your ConvertKit API Secret is displayed on the Account Info page of the ConvertKit dashboard.  Rewardful provides a link directly to that page just below the text field. The secret code is hidden by default, so you'll need to click the "Show" link to display it.

Next, because ConvertKit requires that each new subscriber is associated with a subscribable object in the system, you'll need to select a tag that should be used to categorize new subscribers and enter its ID in the Rewardful form. ConvertKit provides a list of your current tags in JSON format which is linked from below the Default tag ID form field.  In the example shown below, the name of the tag is highlighted with a red box, while the corresponding ID is in a pink frame.

If you prefer a more user-friendly view of your tags or if you need to add a new tag, you can do that from the right sidebar of the ConvertKit Subscribers page.

You can get the ID for any of your existing tags by clicking on the tag name in the list shown above and inspecting the URL for the subscribable_ids parameter.

Rewardful also allows you to define specific tags that should be applied for each of your campaigns in the Campaign Syncing section of the form.  The details of how this works are covered in our Campaign Syncing article.

Once you submit the form, you should be all set!  Now, whenever a new affiliate signs up, Rewardful will also subscribe them to your mailing list where you're free to use ConvertKit's Automations features to start sending them additional affiliate-specific content.

As new affiliates sign up for your program, you should see them replicated as subscribers in your ConvertKit account with the first name and email address they registered with as well as any tag you specified for the campaign they signed up with. Rewardful also adds three additional fields to each subscriber it creates that can help you answer any questions your partners might ask concerning which link to use to access the Rewardful portal and how and where to direct new customers to your site. These will be displayed in the left sidebar of the subscriber detail screen as shown below.

If you have any problems getting connected to your ConvertKit account, send us an email at or click the icon at the bottom of the page to open a chat session with us.

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