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How to add your Terms of Service
How to add your Terms of Service
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It's a good idea to prepare a basic Terms of Service (ToS) agreement that outlines the rights, responsibilities, and expectations between you and your affiliates.

What to include in your Terms of Service

Your legal obligations are dependent upon what industry you're in and where your company is geographically located. That said, in general it's a good idea to include items such as:

  • Who is eligible to join the program

  • What level of flexibility you have to change your commission policies

  • Frequency and minimum thresholds for commission payments

  • Guidelines for how affiliates may use your brand, logo, etc.

  • Activities that could lead to expulsion from the program (i.e. fraud)

You can search Google for "affiliate program terms of service" to find templates of such agreements, but we recommend having a lawyer review your document โ€” if not prepare it completely.

How to add your Terms of Service to Rewardful

From the dropdown menu in your dashboard, click "Your Terms of Service", or just head directly to

From this page there are two ways to add your Terms of Service to Rewardful:

  1. Type (or copy & paste) your ToS directly into Rewardful

  2. Link to an external ToS page on your website

Note: you're limited to one "legal" page on Rewardful. If you want to add both Terms of Service and a Privacy Policy, you'll either need to (1) create a document that covers both policies, or (2) add a note to your Terms of Service that mentions (and links to) your Privacy Policy.

When you add your Terms of Service to Rewardful, a small note is added to your affiliate signup form indicating implicit agreement with your ToS:

A small "Terms of Service" link is also added to the footer of every page in your affiliate portal.

Questions or comments? Please email us at or send us a message from live chat. We'd love to hear from you!

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