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Working with multiple campaigns
Working with multiple campaigns

How to use multiple campaigns for maximum flexibility.

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Subscribers to our Growth plan have the ability to create multiple campaigns within Rewardful.

Each campaign can have different options, such as commission structure and cookie window. You can move affiliates into different campaigns to reward them differently — one common scenario is to have a "private" affiliate program for preferred partners which pays a higher commission rate than your public affiliate program that anyone can join.

Your campaigns

Your Campaigns page shows a summary of all your campaigns. From here you can see the commission summary and high-level stats about each campaign. There's also a small badge indicating which campaign is your default campaign.

Your default campaign

When you first set up your Rewardful account, the campaign you create becomes your default campaign. When people sign up to your affiliate program at your subdomain (i.e. they are automatically added to your default campaign.

Your Campaigns page lists your campaigns and has a badge beside your default campaign. To change your default campaign, hover over the campaign and click the "Make default..." link that appears beside the campaign name.

Creating more campaigns

Click the "New campaign" button to create another campaign. The campaign can point to the same website as your default campaign, or another website entirely.

Each campaign you create generates a unique signup link. When an affiliate signs up using that link, they will be automatically added to that campaign instead of your default campaign.

Moving affiliates between campaigns

Affiliates are automatically assigned to your default campaign when they first sign up, but you can manually move affiliates to another campaign at any time.

To move an affiliate to a different campaign:

  1. Go to your Affiliates page

  2. Find + click on the affiliate you want to move

  3. Click the "Edit profile" link

  4. Select the new campaign from the dropdown

  5. Click "Update Affiliate"

Considerations when moving affiliates to a new campaign

When commissions are processed (i.e. a referred customer pays an invoice) the commission is generated based on the commission structure of the campaign the affiliate currently belongs to. This includes future commissions for existing referrals. 

Example: Alice belongs to your "Affiliates" campaign which pays 30% and on January 15th refers Bob, who pays you $100/month. On March 1st you move Alice to your "VIP" campaign, which pays 50%. Alice's commissions would look like this:

  1. Jan 15th — $30 (Alice belongs to "Affiliates" @ 30%)

  2. Feb 15th — $30 (Alice belongs to "Affiliates" @ 30%)

  3. Mar 15th — $50 (Alice now belongs to "VIP" @ 50%)

  4. Apr 15th — $50 (Alice belongs to "VIP" @ 50%)

  5. May 15th — $50 (Alice belongs to "VIP" @ 50%)

In summary, when you move an affiliate all future commissions will be calculated on the new campaign's commission structure.

Putting an affiliate in more than one campaign

A single affiliate can belong to only one campaign. It's not possible to have an affiliate belong to more than one campaign.

A workaround to this limitation is to have affiliates create more than one account, and then move the additional accounts to a different campaign.

Example: You have two campaigns:

  1. Campaign A: pays a recurring 30% commission (your default campaign)

  2. Campaign B: pays a one-time 60% commission

You'd like to give your affiliate (Alice) the ability to choose which campaign to use when sending traffic to your site. To do this, you'd have Alice sign up for two affiliate accounts with you:

  1. Have Alice sign up using This account will be added to Campaign A (your default campaign).

  2. Have Alice sign up again, this time using a different email address*. This account will also be added to Campaign A (your default campaign). From your dashboard, move this account to Campaign B.

Alice's accounts will each have unique links that map to Campaign A and Campaign B, and conversions from those links will generate commissions from those campaigns respectively. The downside is that Alice's reporting is split across two different accounts, but in practice, this should not provide much of a problem.

*Most email providers allow you to insert a + sign into your email address. For example, and will actually both route to (i.e. everything after the + is ignored by the email provider). This trick allows you to signup with "different" email addresses that in reality go to the same inbox.

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