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How does Rewardful use my Stripe account?
How does Rewardful use my Stripe account?
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Rewardful's deep integration with Stripe allows for a quick and seamless setup. Here's a quick overview of how Rewardful uses your Stripe account.

After you connect your Stripe account with Rewardful, Stripe notifies us when relevant events occur in your Stripe account. For example, when a customer is created or an invoice is paid. These notifications are securely sent to Rewardful via Stripe's Webhooks functionality.

The majority of Rewardful's integration involves reading data from your Stripe account. We've taken care to read & write as little of your Stripe data as possible.


When a Stripe customer is created or updated, we check if that customer was referred by one of your affiliates. Specifically, we look for the referral attribute in the customer metadata.

If the referral metadata attribute is present (and valid), we record that customer as a conversion in our database. We store some basic information (customer email, description, subscription, etc) so that we can display these details to you in the Rewardful dashboard.

We then add some additional details about the affiliate to the Stripe customer metadata (shown below). This makes it easy for you to reconcile Stripe customers with Rewardful conversions.

Invoice Payments

Stripe sends Rewadful a webhook notification whenever an invoice is paid. When Rewardful receives these notifications, we check to see if the customer who paid the invoice is a referred customer.

If so, we generate a commission for the invoice based on the amount actually paid by the customer (ex: final amount charged to their credit card, after any applied discounts or account balance debits).

We then add some additional details about the commission to the Stripe invoice metadata β€” similar to the customer screenshot above.


Stripe sends Rewardful a webhook notification when an invoice is fully or partially refunded. When we receive these notifications, we check to see if the refund is related to an invoice that has a commission.

If so, we recalculate the commission based on the refunded amount and update the invoice metadata in Stripe to reflect the full or partial refund and the new commission amount.


Hopefully that gives you a good overview of how Rewardful uses your Stripe account data. We understand the responsibility that comes with sharing your Stripe data with us, which is why we take great care in reading & writing as little data as possible while keeping Rewardful functional.
If you have any questions or concerns about our Stripe integration or how we use your data, please chat with us or drop us a line at

Note: By default Rewardful requests read_write access to your Stripe account so we can add our handy metadata annotations. However, if you would rather grant read_only access, you can do so using this link.

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