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How long are referral cookies valid?
How long are referral cookies valid?
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By default Rewardful has a standard 60-day cookie retention policy (cookie window), but this value can be configured for each campaign.

To change the cookie window:

  1. Go to your Campaigns page.

  2. Click the campaign you'd like to change

  3. Click "Edit campaign"

  4. Change the "Cookie window" field (shown below)

What is a cookie window?

The "cookie window" specifies how many days a referral (click) is eligible for conversion. Conversions that happen within this window will be attributed the affiliate, and conversions that happen after this window will not be attributed to the affiliate.

For example, if your cookie window is 30 days and a visitor (Bob) clicks an affiliate (Alice) link on June 1:

  • If Bob converts on or before June 30, Alice will get credit for the sale.

  • If Bob converts after June 30, Alice will not get credit for the sale.

As always, message us via chat or email if you have questions about cookie windows or anything else!

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