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Rewardful tracks referrals and generates commissions by monitoring activity in your Stripe account. For example: a notification is sent to Rewardful whenever one of your customers pays an invoice. Rewardful checks to see if that customer was referred by an affiliate; if so, Rewardful will automatically generate a commission for the affiliate.

After signing up, you'll see a "Connect your Stripe account" screen like the one shown below. This is the first step in the setup process because Rewardful cannot function without the ability to monitor activity in your Stripe account.

Clicking the "Connect with Stripe" button will redirect you to Stripe's website, asking you to grant Rewardful permission to monitor your account. Once you've done this, you'll be automatically redirected to Rewardful to setup your campaign.

Note: By default Rewardful requests read_write access to your Stripe account so we can add our handy metadata annotations. However, if you would rather grant read_only access, you can do so using this link.

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