It's possible to import affiliates and their referrals from an existing platform into Rewardful. To do so, generate a spreadsheet or CSV file where each row represents a referred customer and has these columns:

  • Stripe Customer ID: The Stripe Customer ID that corresponds to the referred customer

  • Affiliate Email: The email address of the affiliate the referral is attributed to.

  • Affiliate First Name: The affiliate's first name.

  • Affiliate Last Name: The affiliate's last name.

  • Affiliate PayPal Email: The affiliates preferred PayPal email for receiving payouts. This can be left if the same as the affiliate's primary email.

We've also put together a sample spreadsheet you can use as a template:

Rewardul Import Format

After you have generated the CSV file, reach out to us and we'll import the affiliate accounts into your dashboard.

If you have any questions or you're unable to generate a file in this format, just drop us a line and we'll work with you to get your data imported!

Note that we currently do not import historical invoices and commissions. We recommend exporting this data from your previous affiliate platform for safe-keeping.

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